Smoking a cigar is a great way to relax and show off some elegance in your selection of smoking. However, you will quickly find the selection of available cigars is immense and it can overwhelm you with how many choices are available to make. This is when you often will turn to the Internet or the cigar shop employees to find out which of the cigars is the best one for you. Here is the review of the A. Flores series cigars, this review will help you know if this is the right cigar for you or if you need to look at a different cigar to enjoy.


Features Of The A. Flores Series

– Medium in its strength
– Comes in three different shapes that you can enjoy.
– Has a wrapper that helps to make the blend perfect.
– Comes from the great cigar producing country of the Dominican Republic.


Advantages Of The A. Flores Series

Uses some of the oldest tobacco that is available at the factory. While this may not seem like it is an advantage, it does provide you with a great taste and with the aged tobacco it will provide you with a unique flavor and taste. So you will not be stuck with the same humdrum of the cigar taste that you had been stuck with for several years before. In fact, this older tobacco is what helps to provide you with the great taste that you want to have, compared to some of the other cigars of the same quality.

Opening up this cigar and just starting to take some long drags on the cigar is often going to shock you because you will find it has a very sweet taste to it. This sweet taste does not last long as it will quickly be followed up by a spice kick that is unlike anything that you have had before. This spice kick has a tendency to drive your taste buds wild.

With this brand of cigars, you will notice it has two different wrappers available for you to select from. Each of these wrappers is going to provide you with a unique flavor for the cigars as well. To make it even better the cigar makers in the Dominican Republic have taken the cigars and combined one of the wrappers with the high quality Ecuadoran Habano wrappers. However, the other option that is available for the wrapper is the Maduro wrappers, which is another cigar that has been highly rated in the past.

Perfect balance of the cigars is something else which is enjoyed by the smokers of this brand of cigars. Now this is coming from a review that was from customers, but they all mentioned how perfectly balanced these cigars were with the great taste and spice combination. This in turn is making the smoking pleasure even better for you when you decide to start smoking the cigars. However, the balance is going to be something which you will grow used to and not want to change cigars when you run out of this brand.

Construction quality of cigar is something else you will enjoy. With some cigars, you will just light them up and the entire cigar is gone in a matter of seconds. However, with this cigar it is perfectly constructed which makes it easy for you to draw the smoke up, but also get the longer smoking enjoyment from the cigars. This cigar does have an above average burn, though, so you will have to get a couple of touch ups to continue to smoke the cigar.

Smoke production with the A. Flores is decent and can be compared to the Maduro version in the volume that is produced. However, this smoke can be a little bit heavy in the mouth when you first light up. The good news is the cigar does have a creamy texture to the smoke when it is burning, but it can seem like it is slightly dry at times. Some of the flavor mixture you will find is going to include multiple different tastes that range from black pepper, which is the spicy kick, to coffee and cocoa. So this is going to provide a variety of taste for people to enjoy with their cigars.

Smoking a cigar is a great way to show that you are a refined smoker. However, you need to make sure you select the right cigar from all the cigars that are on the market. By getting some information on the A. Flores series cigars, it will be easy for you to make a choice on if this cigar is right for you or if you need to continue looking. Just remember, that no matter what you choose the smoking of cigars will provide you with a classic look.


Discolored Teeth from Smoking?

Family Dentistry: Dental Care for Your Whole Family

Considered as the first level of defense against dental anomalies, family dentistry is an effective preventive field. A family dentist cares for a broad variety of patients ranging from children to adults alike. Damaged, discolored, or broken teeth are aesthetically unpleasant and thus, there are dentists in your area who offer a full range of dental services. However, despite many choices, it would be best to choose and commit with the best family dentists McKenzie towne guided by the following tips:


Competent Skills

A good-match family dentist is the one with sufficient skills that are backed up with competency and professionalism. It would be an advantage if you know the training that your dentist has received. There are recent changes and developments that happening in the dental industry.


Work Experience

Experience is an essential factor that needs to be considered when choosing the best family dentist. The dentist of your choice must have more than five years in the dental field. s/he must also be spending ideal time working and treating patients. An ideal dental professional to serve the entire family is the one who is experienced and skilled in working and providing dental services accurately and efficiently.


Professional Qualifications

The best family dentist must be recognized by the board and must be an accredited professional. Without the necessary accreditation and certifications, a dentist may not be able to execute and deliver reliable dental services.


Good Communication Skills

Visiting a dentist can be a scary experience for some, especially children, people would often prefer a dentist who has a calm and laid back personality to help ease their tension. it’s of great significant that you are comfortable with the dental professional whom you choose. Make sure that you are always relaxed and at ease when the dentist is around or whenever you are having a conversation with him. The dentist of your choice must be expert in communicating and explaining to patients anything that concerns treatments and dental issues.


It can be tiring to look for the best family dentist that will handle all the dental needs of your family. Family dentists McKenzie towne is the ultimate solution to all your dental problems. They have the best and qualified dentist to cater to the needs of the entire family. Our dentist’s have recommendable educational background, years of practice, good patient’s satisfaction rate, and overall demeanor. Call us at (403) 236-5171 to book an appointment today!