The Joyetech eGrip VW Kit  is the very first offering from this company with a built-in atomizer. The main features are the clear liquid window to allow users to see the supply, the regulation ring that adjusts 360 degrees to completely control the power, and the ability to adjust airflow with an adjustable screw. Retailing at just under $70.00, this quality vaping kit offers a good value.

Features Of The VW Kit

These are features and specs of this kit:

* Kit Capacity: 1500 MAH
* Mode: VW Ouput
* Capacity for juice: 4.6 ML
* Color choices: Black, wood, silver, chrome, and camo
* Plug type choices: US, European, UK, and Australia

Air And Power Adjustments

The kit comes together in a neat and small little square rectangular shape. It almost looks like a small transister radio. This is because there is a dial on the side. Unlike a radio, this dial is not used to tune it. However, it is used to adjust the power, so you can enjoy each puff exactly the way that you want to.

Another feature allows you to adjust the air intake, so this allows you to change the amount of vapor that you can inhale. You can use this with the power setting both to control the amount and strength of vapor and to preserve battery power. The air intake regulator is adjusted with a screw near the bottom of the device.

Refilling The eGrip VW

To refill the device, look for a small hatch on the side. You simply pull up this hatch and pour eliquid slowly into the device. Since you have a clear window, you can see the tank getting refilled. Just do it slowly to avoid accidentally overfilling and spilling some precious juice.

Change The Atomizer Head

From time to time, you may also need to change the atomizer head. This is also very easy. Just look for the large round screw attachment on the bottom of the device for access. After you have unscrewed the old atomizer head, all you need to do is screw in another one.


On the bottom of the VW kit, you will see a charging slot. It is on the other side from the atomizer head screw. You simply plug one end of your charger into this head. After that, plug the other end into your power source. By the way, you can use your device while it is being charged.

Drawbacks Of The eGrip

This is a very good device for the price, but it does have its drawbacks. For one thing, you have to leave the whole device charged, and it is not simple to just switch out batteries as you could do with other models.

Also, note that this kit doesn’t come packaged with any e-liquids. It is just the device, and you need to purchase your juice on your own. Some companies also package samples of e-liquids with their kits, and this is convenient.

This device uses a unique atomizer head, so you can’t switch it out with other brands. Again, some models come with standard parts, and this makes them convenient to replace if you forgot to order the exact kind you need on the Internet.

Finally, the battery end has no CE mark.

What Comes With The VW Kit?

The kit comes complete with these items:

* Mouthpiece
* Box MOD
* 2 Atomizer heads
* 1 Atomizer base
* 1 USB Cable
* 1 Wall Power Adapter
* 1 Manual
* 1 Warranty Card

Basically, you have everything that you need to enjoy your vaping experience except for the juice. When you order your kit, specify which kind of wall adapter that you need (i.e. US, Euro, etc.).

This is a quality device that is considered very safe. The major drawback is the lack of a way to charge a battery while one battery is getting used. You can use the device while you are charging it, but you have to remain connected to the device or wall outlet that you are using to charge it. If this is a problem for you, you might end up needing to purchase two kits, so it will not work out as the most economical choice.