Only few pleasurable moments can be compared to the pleasure derived from smoking a quality cigar after a sumptuous meal. In essence, it is paramount to note that the plethora of cigars out there have been crafted for varying functions. These quality cigars that satisfy your taste buds after meals are commonly referred to as dessert cigars and are known to offer a feeling of joy, satiety and contention. Regardless of whether you just had a delicious seafood meal complete with lobster and shrimp or maybe pasta covered in gravy, you want to find the perfect smoke right after.

Indeed, there are factors to consider when selecting the ideal smoke for post-dinner functions. You basically want to find a smoke that will stand up to all the salty, sour and spicy flavors that you just shoved down your throat. Here are some of the best dessert cigars currently on the market, defined by an eclectic cocktail of scents, flavors and consistency overall.

The Liga Privada Undercrown:

The oily and dark offering by Drew Estate was initially crafted and smoked by the factory rollers themselves. This however changed when Jon Drew, the founder, decided to get a hold of it thereafter turning it into the world class brand we have come to get attached to over the years. It is crafted using neat Brazilian and Nicaraguan fillers that provide the perfect blend of flavors that make it a great dessert smoke. It entails a Mexican Otapan Negro Ultimo Corte wrapper which is known to provide the creamy, sugary flavor known to most.

Leccia Black:

If you are an ardent cigar smoker, then you’ve probably heard of the infamous Leccia Black. It is crafted using fire-cured tobacco, grown in Tennessee and Kentucky where some of the best leaves are harvested. The smoke has a consistent hint of subtle chocolaty flavor that is not overpowering in any way but enough to offer satiety.

Arturo Fuente Best Seller:

If all you yearn is a nut and cedar flavor that will blow you mind away after a wholesome meal, then this is probably your safest bet. Crafted using an African wrapper from Cameroon and Dominican fillers, this cigar entails just about every flavor necessary to make the perfect dessert cigar. Regardless of whether you smoke it while downing your regular cup of espresso after lunch or dinner, or immediately after Chinese takeout, this gem won’t disappoint. It is quite subtle, mellow and very, very consistent, probably the reason why its manufacturers chose to call it ‘the best seller.’

Camacho Connecticut:

This renowned stick may be wrapped using a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, but inside you will find some of the best Honduran tobacco known to the cigar industry. In essence, the rollers at Camacho veered away from their norm – bold sticks and instead decided to create a mellow, subtle cigar that ranks among the best dessert cigars currently on the market. It strikes the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness hence providing the perfect blend to light up your taste buds after any meal.

Java by Drew Estate:

This gem created by the infamous Jon Drew and legendary Rocky Patel will most likely change your thinking more so if you have never been a fan of flavored cigars. It entails a smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that is well crafted, covering up the Nicaraguan leaf inside. Its blend is quite exquisite, and aroma very enticing even to secondary smokers. You will definitely be excited by the wild but mellow blend of mocha which defines the cigar in general.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo:

Unlike the above dessert cigars, this one is very bold and overwhelming so to speak. You want to fire one up only on a full stomach and nothing less. In essence, this interesting choice of dessert cigars is crafted using Nicaraguan tobacco which has been properly aged for no less than three years. The dark, chocolaty features of the flavor-filled Corojo wrapper contain natural oils that provide a creamy, solid flavor that is sweet yet very balanced. Seasoned smokers and aficionados in general, will greatly enjoy smoking this stick immediately after a comprehensive meal that includes dessert if you so wish. If you seek a well-balanced cigar that will stand up to any left-over flavors in your mouth, then you should probably consider firing one up.

Nub Café Espresso:

It has the aroma of a freshly baked chocolate cake, and the taste of a strong, black cup of coffee. In essence, you will find the blend entailed in this cigar very captivating in many ways and very addictive once you get a hang of it. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and you are looking to lay off sugary stuff and sweets, then this is the smoke to go for. The dark, chocolaty stick is simply ‘dessert’ in its own right.