When you start to research the many different cigar companies that are in business today, it is quite overwhelming. There are so many businesses that are producing quality cigars, it’s really hard to know where to start. You might want to try different ones from multiple companies, but depending upon the price, you might not be able to afford a couple hundred dollars just to smoke a few cigars that might not be the ones that you will like. In order to narrow down your list, it’s good to know that there is a company out there that is known for producing quality cigars. In fact, one company produces them with great efficiency and quality, and for a reasonable price. This article will tell you all La Aurora cigars and why, if you are in the market for something new, they are definitely the place to go. Another consideration is that you may want to further indulge yourself by having a quality whiskey or bourbon check out our friends over at bourbonandoak.com for some great reviews on premium drinks. You will find that combining premium liquor with a great cigar can further accentuate the flavor of both.

Places That Grow Great Tobacco

There are many locations around the world where you can find the finest tobacco that is grown, something that all of the great cigar companies know about. Most of them will use a wide range of different types of tobacco in order to get the unique flavors that are found in their cigars. The difficulty is not knowing what to mix initially, but once a company has experimented and has found a couple winners, this is the beginning of what leads to a fantastic company, and exactly what La Aurora was able to do. Some of the places that grow the finest tobacco include Connecticut in the United States for wrapper tobacco, as well as in some locations in Ecuador. You can also get fantastic tobacco that can be used for the binder and filler of cigars from Honduras, Guatemala, the Canary Islands, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. In fact, La Aurora cigars use Dominican Republic tobacco, grown directly in the Cibao Valley. This has been done for three generations in the same location, and like many other fine cigar producers worldwide, they understand that this particular valley is one of the best places in the world to grow this quality tobacco.

The Process That Makes It Work

La Aurora is not only known for the tobacco that it grows in the Dominican Republic in regard to creating a fantastic taste. Although people in the area consider these cigars the best, it’s also what other people worldwide have continuously said. It is known because of its very smooth taste, a very mild cigar that is referred to as a study workhorse meeting it is consistently delicious and dependable in taste. This is because of the process that it goes through as it is cultivated in the field, harvested at the proper time, and dried to perfection in the kilns. Once the drying process is over, it will then be sorted and brought to large rooms where it will go through the fermentation process. Some of it will end up being very dark, others medium, and the remaining will be claro or light in color, allowing them to create the many different products that they have available today.

The Final Icing On The Cake

With the visual image of icing on a cake, you should think of a final process. The last thing that is done to ensure that these cigars are the absolute best is the rolling process. Most people understand that cigars are not like cigarettes at all, not the result of taking short filler from a multitude of random forms of tobacco, throwing it all together into a paper wrapper. There is a certain amount of skill and finesse, and the ability to choose the proper tobacco for each component of the cigar that leads to a perfect final product. Long filler used in the middle with the binder, combined with the wrapper from Cameroon will make this cigar absolutely exquisite, as long as it is wrapped properly. The person that is rolling the cigar must ensure that it is not too tight or loose. That is one of the main reasons that people love La Aurora cigars because they are consistent, burn evenly, and have consistent flavor every time regardless of when they are made.

Which Ones Should You Try?

One other thing that you should know about these particular cigars is that the wrapper that is used comes from Cameroon. It is used in order to create one of the most mild tasting, yet full flavor, cigars, a secret that few other cigar manufacturers understand. Whether you try one of their more expensive double Corona cigars, or the Belicoso #1 or #2, these are all going to provide you with an excellent experience so that you can understand why these cigars from the Dominican Republic are so popular and have been for decades.