Very recently the torn relationship between Cuba and America has finally began to heal. Decades of embargoes and other restrictions have finally began to lift. It is notable that all the years of bad relations did not seem to do much to improve things. But good relations and trade may well do the trick.

For cigars lovers this is very good news indeed. Cuban cigars are among the most beloved in the world. The opportunity to get them legally will be very welcomed news. As well, it will bring those who make Cuban cigars new found commerce opportunities.

Many shop owners are reporting that most cigar smokers in America are unaware of the pending changes and therefore are regularly calling the shops to see if there is any way to purchases cigars made in Cuba.

One of the things many like about these cigars is the fact that many makers are still small and hand roll them with care and precision. That is a cigar you do not find in any shop you go to. It is unique and special.

You may find it interesting to know that the beloved late President Kennedy placed an order for literally hundreds of Cuban cigars before he signed the bill that made it illegal to purchase in the U.S.

Now, well over half a century later, President Obama has announced that it is time to move forward with amending the embargoes and improving the political relationship with Cuba and the U.S.

This has gave many who love Cuban cigars hope, that one day soon they will be able to legally enjoy their favorite smokes again in America. Even sooner than the availability of Cuban cigars to be purchased in the U.S., will be the chance for travelers to bring back as much as a hundred dollars value in Cuban cigars.

To get these special cigars to be sold openly on the shelves at stores will still take Congress signing it into law. It is likely to take some time for that to happen. But the truth is that the political winds are changing in the right direction for this to take place.

There is no specific date as yet, when tourist can legally bring back a stash of Cuban beauties. But most agree that it is just around the corner from being so. For those who do not smoke cigars or understand the great love many have for them, they will not understand the pending excitement.

But Cuban cigars have been among the favorite of all cigars since the Middle Ages. Columbus first saw native peoples smoking this leaf and he and his ship mates learned quickly to enjoy it.

From that time until now, many feel that Cuban cigars, more than any others are the best. America imports well over three hundred million handmade cigars each year. Despite the typical American cigar smoker preferring Cuban cigars, they are unable to obtain them legally in the states. It is ironic that many of the policy makers who share a love of these cigars are often said to have a private stash, despite their illegality.

With pending new policies that Obama announced would be enacted between America and Cuba, some citizens of the U.S. will allowed to travel to Cuba and upon their return they will be allowed to bring back with them a hundred dollars’ worth of Cuban cigars. These cigars will only be for personal use as it is undetermined when Congress might sign into law the necessary changes to allow the sell of these cigars in the states.

Another option would be if the President elect signed a special exception to allow for the trading of cigars with an enemy country. While the recent political changes have not yet made it possible to purchase Cuban cigars in America, it has still lifted the spirits of those who would like to see it happen.

It is not only those who want to buy the cigars, but the makers of cigars in Cuba that have renewed hope. Things overall are still difficult for many small growers and makers and if Americans are again able to buy these cigars it would do a lot for the farmers and the small manufactures that still often role the cigars by hand.

Some believe if the laws were changed to allow for the export of Cuban cigars to the U.S. that it would bring in a few hundred million dollars a year to programs designed to help the welfare of local workers and farmers.

The concern then would be if Cuba could under current circumstances deliver the increased demand. Likely it could not. That would mean that larger companies would likely come in to manage things to get them up to speed. Some think this would be a good thing, while others believe that the smaller shops use old techniques that somehow makes the cigar taste better.